The Animated Video Series

For missionaries and evangelists around the world. Engaging media to spread the gospel.

A Little Bit of Background From the Producer

How the project began

The Good and Evil Animation all started for me while living in Memphis, TN. At the time I was a new believer and had started reading the Good and Evil book to my little 2 year old daughter. It was the first time that I understood the Old Testament and how the theme of the Gospel of Jesus Christ goes throughout the entire Bible. It was SUCH an eye opener to the character of God, the way He revealed Himself to mankind, and the fullness of Redemption. The full message of the Gospel finally clicked and I gained so much wisdom (even though I had very little at the time).

I never dreamed I could have been involved in this animation and translation project, much less lead it -but all things start with a vision, God opening doors, and hard work.

After somehow meeting and friending Mike's children, I came to him and told him I wanted to make Good and Evil into an audio book drama and video animation -he agreed! As the project progressed, I realized that it wasn't about making just this single English version of Good and Evil, it was about making the animation project as a whole easy to be replicated and done for all languages. From the very beginning I've built the project this way. We layered the sound effects and original music score and we kept the voice track separate so that missionaries or people on our team can easily replace just the words for other languages and still maintain a high quality product.

Right now we are currently doing the foreign language animation and audio recording work. The process is going great. It takes about 3 months from start to finish to record all the voices and replace all the text for the animation. This is a huge project as there is almost 8 hours of finished animation and audio drama to translate. Also, 3 months is an unheard of time for a project of this scale, but we know with the Lord's help we can do it!

Our objective is to give away the video and audio absolutely free to everyone. To control costs we will distribute through the Internet, but as money allows we will make DVD's and/or Video CD's depending on best delivery format per region of the world.

Can't you just see a missionary traveling to a remote area, setting up a screen and showing a progressive story of the Bible? Those who have never heard will gain an understanding of Jesus Christ and the plan of redemption from beginning to end. It's the ultimate goal of Mike and Debi in every decision they make. Please pray for this eternal project!

The English Good and Evil Animation is finished. It is available as a 3 disc DVD folio set from NGJ Ministries, or can be viewed free online here.